Lettres découpées

Murals : Winning combinations!

Mixtures of materials, lustres, textures and colors are currently very popular. In order to reveal the true beauty of such combinations, one needs to know how to select and distribute materials so that they mutually highlight each other. Obviously, durability, resistance and maintenance remain factors to be considered. Since an image is worth a thousand words, we invite you to look at the following realizations and admire winning combinations of materials!

Pylons and monuments

WHERE TO BEGIN? A sign? More than an accessory designed to catch the eye of passers-by and encourage them to cross the threshold of your establishment! While exuding elegance, a sign must be able to communicate who you are and blend in with its environment. Its style? It must oscillate between past and present and reunite the materials and shapes that echo current trends. By way of introduction, please enter a gallery of inspiring images!

Enseigne pylône

MATERIALS THAT TALK! The audacious mixing of concrete, aluminum, acrylic, wood and brick brings a richness and elegance to the displayed elements! Call upon professionals for layout ideas in a coherent whole!

Cut lettering : Chic and trendy!

Simple or sophisticated, with or without lighting, cut and raised letters and logos put the emphasis on what is essential (your name and business image) and offer the advantage of blending in well with the environment.

Sculpted signs : Works of art!

It is said that art contributes to shaping the image of a business… and that is a source of valorization for personnel … giving them a strong sense of pride and of belonging.

At Lumicom, we believe this is true! That is why our team strives to produce unique and original projects, in some ways, works of art that respect your individuality and contribute to make you stand out and foster pride!

Electronics : Staying ahead of the pack within our industry

In its effort to position itself on the electronics market, Lumicom has recently launched « Icôtronic », a new line of electronic panels designed and manufactured by our special projects team. Contact us to learn more!