Expertise is Conjugated in the Plural

Our main competitive asset is without a doubt our team. The majority of our employees have more than 10 years experience with us. Expertise combined with our team’s mobilization constitutes an incomparable advantage for our clients. At Icône, our team’s cohesion is a competitive advantage that is hard to beat. It translates into strong motivation, identifying objectives, mutual trust, and trust in the organization.

Our team is young, versatile, creative and passionate!


Administrative component :

  • HR manager
  • HR and accounting assistant
  • administrative assistant

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Sales, production & installation component :

  • production manager
  • project supervisor
  • sales and customer service support agent
  • assemblers
  • installation teams

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Graphics component :

  • graphics technician
  • graphics and identification consultant
  • coordinating graphics designer for invitations to tender