social commitment

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École Entreprise - CIFIT - Vision 2020

We have been involved with young students in the region since 2002. Our company regularly welcomes and integrates students from the Commission scolaire des Bois-Francs (trainees) in order to train them for the world of work. It offers them support and guidance and helps them to develop skills in an office or a factory.

Répit Jeunesse

Répit Jeunesse

We also invest in Répit Jeunesse, an organization that offers young people a new chance to make their place in society, to evolve within their own lives, with their choices, in what they are. In addition to providing signage services to the organization and participating in fundraising activities, Paul Côté is a member of the Répit Jeunesse Club des amis since its inception in 2009.

Tigres de Victoriaville

Les Tigres de Victoriaville

Amateur hockey enthusiast and fervent supporter of the Tigres, Paul Côté is proud to be involved in the cause of the Tigres. He has practiced the sport himself for nearly 30 years.

Our company has provided signage services (signs, banners, lettering) to the organisation for many years and we participate in several fundraising activities.

Tigres de Victoriaville


TVCBF produces television shows, corporate productions and acts as an advertising designer. It is an important medium within the Bois-Francs community. In 2012, we participated in the creation of several sets for the TVCBF studio. Our company intends to continue its involvement with TVCBF, which we consider, rightly, to be our regional pride.

Community Action

« When the number of collaborations increases, the client always wins”. In our case, not only does the client come out a winner, but also the community !

For several years, we have encouraged our employees to participate in a harvesting of food and monetary donations, which we give away as Christmas baskets to those in need within the entourage of our employees.

We thus offer our employees the opportunity to contribute to the betterment of their community, and to give concrete meaning to the words “support and solidarity ».

** We are also involved with other communities and various foundations in the region.