Lumicom’s mission

« To provide innovative signage products that correspond at all times with our client’s expectations, that help maximize their visibility and contribute to enhancing their notoriety. ».

Lumicom’s values

  • Integrity : Acting with integrity and adopting ethical behaviour at all times in order to deserve and preserve the confidence and respect of our clients, employees and communities..

  • Innovation : To dare to explore new avenues and identify new trends to stay ahead of the curve within our industry.

  • Customer Orientation : To work on developing and maintaining a client-centered culture built on superior service and the upholding of our commitments.

  • Communication :To favour transparency in our internal and external communications. “Openness and acceptance of others” are at the heart of Enseigne Marcoux’s management philosophy, which encourages employees to talk openly with their peers and to say things as they are, in a respectful and appropriate manner, no matter what the hierarchical rank of a collegue.

  • Team Spirit : To promote and strengthen shared collaboration, teamwork and leadership. “When collaborations multiply, the client comes out a winner.” That’s why we value teamwork, cooperation and mutual support so much.

  • Recognition : To recognize and reward the spirit of initiative and the unique contribution of each person within the company. At Enseignes Marcoux, we value people for their integrity, their talent and their commitment.

We offer a turnkey service everywhere across Quebec: consultation, design, canvassing for obtaining a permit.