Paul Côté - Owner

our history

When Enseignes Marcoux Inc. is launched (in 1977) it is restrained to serving mostly the needs of the local market. Starting from 1987, there is a rapid growth in sales revenues and market shares with the arrival of a new salesperson, Paul Côté.

In 1999, the founder of Enseignes Marcoux Inc. sells his company to a group of investors from Québec. However, be it because of deficiencies in the succession plan or inadequate buyers, the radical changes in leadership, strategy and management prove to be too much for the company. The impact of this failure is reflected in an important loss of customers and a demobilisation of the team.

Knowing how to bounce back

When Paul Côté acquires the company in 2001, he must rebuild the team and re-conquer the market. His sustained efforts soon bear fruit. He finds new talent and mobilises everyone around the new brand. His unifying and inspiring leadership encourages team members to surpass themselves and to share their talents for the benefit of the company. From that moment, a change in culture takes place within the company.

The new team is young, versatile, creative and passionate. It quickly demonstrates its ability to identify and follow trends. Reinvigorated by the team’s energy, the president adapts his strategy, his products and services, purchases high-performance equipment, (an 85’ crane with telescopic boom, an electronic cutting machine) targets new markets and creates new products.

A new step in the company's growth

In 2013, Enseignes Marcoux definitely sets course for growth and asserts its leadership. In order to better reflect the company’s change in trajectory and strategy, Enseignes Marcoux opts for a new identity: Icône.

This new signature represents the company well: dynamic, innovative and experimented. The name "Icône" comes in part from the last names of its owners, a name recognised by clients, the company and all of its partners. This repositioning is carried out under the slogan "the power of the sign" and aims to highlight the major role that the sign plays in a company’s (all company’s) visibility and notoriety.

Enseignes Marcoux has undergone a major metamorphosis and today reflects a younger and revitalised image. By yielding its place to Icône, the company bequeathed its founding values in order to remain in line with its genome of reliability and excellence.